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The 36th Chamber of Shaolin will open in March 2010

Posted on December 06, 2009 at 17:04 by Ulrik.Tweet this

If you're a fan of high definition video and martial-arts classics from Hong Kong's famous Shaw Bros. studio, you didn't have much luck to enjoy these two things together in the past. With Chia Tang's Opium and the Kung Fu Master BCI Eclipse released only one title this January, but got shut down from the Navarre Corporation because of the financial situation before they could release the other announced title, Cheh Changs Life Gamble.
But now lists a Blu-ray Disc release of probably the most famous film coming from the studio, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin starring Gordon Liu for March 2, 2010! The product detail on the site mention Videnvdi Entertainment as the distributing studio, but since Vivendi had joined forces with the Weinstein Company for the home video market in September, this disc will probably be released (like the DVD) under the Dragon Dynasty label.
Wild Side Video will release a 36th Chamber Trilogy Blu-ray Disc Collection including The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Disciples of the 36th Chamber and Return to the 36th Chamber in France on January 5, 2010 but this collection won't include English subtitles.

[Thanks to r3d-3agl3 & AnimeOnBlu for the heads up!]

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