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Splendid Film announces Casshern and Goemon for Germany

Posted on April 15, 2010 at 13:45 by Ulrik.Tweet this

Good news for fans of Kazuaki Kiriya. German distributor Splendid Film announced to release all films (yes, that's two) from the Japanese director on Blu-ray Disc in Germany on May 28, 2010. While Kiriya's 2004 debut Casshern will only come in a standard amaray, Splendid will release Goemon in a limited edition steelbook (without those ugly rating logo on the front) as well. All releases will include the original Japanese audio track, but as expected from Splendid, Casshern will only include German subtitles while Goemon is supposed to have Dutch subtitle options as well.
So far there are no English subtitled Blu-ray Disc releases of these films available. Casshern has been released in Italy in 2008 and Goemon has already plundered Japan and France.